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Machine Learning Engineer vs Web Developer

For many non-technical individuals, a machine learning engineer is no different from a web developer. In general, people tend to think each expert performs the same function. Although similarities exist between the two career paths, each field is different from the other.

Definition of Machine Learning

Machine learning involves the use of AI systems to isolate patterns from data, which can be used for decision-making without human interaction. It improves the development of computer algorithms, which try to mimic human behavior. As a tool within computer technology, machine learning heavily relies on artificial intelligence. For machine learning to work, an algorithm will use sample data to create predictions, which serve as decisions. Therefore, a machine learning engineer is a specialist in machine learning.

Definition of Web Development

Web development, on the other hand, is a technological field that is involved with the creation of websites. It also supports the maintenance and expansion of websites. As a result, web development covers both the frontend and backend of website development. Additionally, it branches into mobile development, which is currently the fastest form of development. So, a web developer is someone responsible for the development of websites and other related services.

Level of Difficulty

In terms of difficulty, machine learning is much more challenging to learn than web development. For you to become a machine learning engineer, you will have to be good in statistics, algebra, calculus, and many other mathematical disciplines. Apart from that, you will have to be proficient in several programming languages including, Python, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, and much more. In addition, you will have to be comfortable working with large data points for huge computational activities.

However, if you aspire to become a web developer, the things you need to know are less demanding. You do not have to have an understanding of mathematics to be a good web developer. Also, you need only know a few programming languages to become proficient in web development. Similarly, you can quickly isolate and correct mistakes while writing codes.

Job Opportunities

At the moment, being a web developer has more opportunities. Also, you do not need to do much to become a decent developer. Additionally, there are thousands of clients looking for developers of varying capacities.

On the other hand, machine learning is still developing. There are fewer job opportunities in the market. Additionally, you will need to sacrifice time and resources to become a good engineer. Most often than not, getting a job can be difficult as there are more qualified people that are fighting to get the same job you are aiming for.

Creative Freedom

In general, the field of web development is well matured. Therefore, there are tons of resources that are available on the internet. As a result, it is easier for you to play around with web development projects. In the event you get stuck, you can easily find information about your problem on websites and forums.

With machine learning, the availability of support and online resources are limited. Therefore, as a machine learning engineer, you may find it more challenging to be creative in this field.

ML Engineer vs. Data Scientist Global Comparison

A Machine Learning Engineer and a Data Scientist are two of the most sought-after professions in the business right now. This is because specialists are required to manage the massive amounts of data created daily. As a consequence, the rivalry between Machine Learning and Data Science is increasing, and the line between them is becoming more blurred.

It’s difficult to discover the right mix of personality traits, competence, and technical ability. As a result, the demand for data scientists and machine learning experts has grown in recent years. Professionals known as data scientists are those who work with enormous volumes of data. With their expertise, data scientists address complicated data-driven challenges. They excel in a variety of competency areas, including speech, natural language processing, video, and picture editing, and medical simulation. Each of these specialized positions is very rare, indicating the enormous significance of such an expert.

On the other hand, machine learning engineers can program and create apps and computers that can learn and apply information with little or no human interaction. An engineer specializing in machine learning is responsible for making artificial intelligence assessable. They are similar to computer programmers, but their concentration is on something other than programming. They are developing methods that will enable computers to do things deliberately rather than mindlessly.

Skillset for Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist

Engineers and data scientists have extremely comparable skill requirements. A few criteria must be considered below.

Programming Languages

The fundamental prerequisite is an understanding of universal coding languages, such as Python. While Python is a wonderful programming language, it cannot help you entirely. All of these languages, such as C++, R, Python, and Java, and sometimes you will be required to learn MapReduce.


It is the study of collecting, evaluating, interpreting, presenting, and organizing facts in an orderly manner. It is critical for both data scientists and machine learning engineers. Matrix and vector ideas, as well as related operations, are critical in statistics.

Data Cleaning and Visualization

Presenting data effectively is a valuable tool that may help firms save time and increase productivity. However, suppose the data cannot be adequately evaluated and the findings are not readily available. In such circumstances, meeting the criteria becomes impossible. As a result, data visualization is critical in determining the efficacy of data.

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