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Machine Learning Engineer Career Path

In the ranking of Best Positions in the US, Machine Learning Engineer is the #1 role, posting a staggering 344 percent growth with an average wage of $146,085 per year. The need for skilled and trained Machine Learning experts is already at its height and can only grow further in the future.

This is the moment to develop your career path in machine learning! The best thing about a career in machine learning is that it also offered high annual pay and accelerated career development, apart from work fulfillment and protection—all the more ground to suggest perusing a career plan for machine learning.

Machine Learning Career Paths

Having learned the correct ML skills, the following are a few of the most exciting career directions you may follow for machine learning.

Machine Learning Engineer

The design and realization of ML applications and equipment is the primary concern for machine learning engineers.  Their task is to create and improve useful ML self-learning software, utilizing test outcomes to conduct statistical analysis and to perfect them continually.

An engineer in machine learning should have good basic math, statistics, and programming skills. A machine learning engineer must be familiar with software architecture, system design, and data structures.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are professionals with a high standing level who utilize sophisticated technology to obtain useful perspectives. They compile, store, process, and analysis vast volumes of data and view it to gain insights.

Like an ML engineer, data scientists must also have vital statistics, mathematics, and programming knowledge. The data scientists need to have extensive data mining expertise and familiarity with the implementation of different computational analysis technology.

NLP Specialists

The goal of NLP is to make machinery that understands natural human languages. Natural language processing (NLP) two great examples are software for enhancing grammar and various smart assistants. NLP scientists mainly build and create computers to study the forms of human language expression and convert spoken words into other languages.

Software Engineers

The software engineers and developers are the creative brains behind innovative computer programs. They are mainly responsible for designing practical ML algorithms and implementations.

They have to be experienced in coding in many applications, such as Python, R Java, C, and C ++.   This role involves a thorough knowledge of operating systems, data architecture and analytics, computer architecture and networks, and software testing.

Human-Centered Machine Learning Designer

Human-centered machine learning tries to improving human-centered ML algorithms. Designers build smart devices that can learn individual human needs and habits. These structures need minimal interference by humans. An exceptional example of human-centering artificial intelligence is Google search and Netflix’s suggestion algorithms.


While these are some of the standard machine learning paths in this area, there are several other technical paths, including data analysts, data architects, cloud architects, and market intelligence developers, to name a few.

Ultimately, the option of a career in machine learning relies on you – what you want to work on and what abilities you want to develop.  Several businesses utilize machine learning for numerous applications, so the demand for machine learning engineers is always increasing.

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