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Machine Learning Engineer Career Progression

A machine learning engineer is an IT specialist. Experts in this field are proficient in deep learning. In addition, many in the IT field are making the switch to machine learning engineering due to the prospects of the profession. Likewise, many institutions and businesses are looking to hire engineers with experience in the field.

Like any other expertise, there is a progression in the career path. As such, this article will highlight all that a machine learning engineer will require and pass through.

Entry Level

At entry-level, an engineer will mostly be involved with team activities. As such, you will partake in design and model development using artificial technologies and data science tools. Apart from technical knowledge, you will be required to understand the business goals of the entity you work for. Understanding this will help you develop automated systems tailor-made for your employer.

Qualification and Skills

In general, it is desirable to have an undergraduate degree in computer science, statistics, or engineering to become a machine learning engineer. In particular, some businesses will need you to be a licensed engineer to work for them. Other desirable qualifications you should possess as a machine learning engineer include the following.

  • Advanced degree – MSc or Ph.D.
  • Programming, science, or mathematical certificates allow for the development of algorithms.

Other skills you should possess are:

  • Proficiency in machine learning technologies.
  • Ability to conduct research and learn a new skill.

Junior Engineer

After a few years of being an entry-level machine learning engineer, you can progress to a junior engineer. However, you will have to have some years of experience to be eligible for such a position. Likewise, you are expected to have sufficient knowledge of deep learning and machine learning technologies. Besides this, you should have advanced projects and teamwork skills. Depending on the organization, you may be given the responsibility of guiding entry-level engineers.

Qualifications and Skills

At this stage, qualifications are not the only thing an employer is looking for. Most businesses want someone with a few years of experience. Additionally, recruiters love it when you have certifications in machine learning-related disciplines.

Mid-level Engineer

When you spend between 3 to 5 years as a junior engineer, it becomes easier to rise to the rank of a mid-level engineer. At this point in your career, you are mostly responsible for the design of products. Therefore, your CV must highlight your experience in handling different types of projects. In addition, you are expected to possess high-level skills and certifications. Likewise, it will benefit you to possess some management skills as you look to become a senior engineer.

Senior Engineer

Machine learning senior engineers require at least 7 years of experience in this field. As such, you can only attain this position through hard work and dedication. Similarly, you will typically have all the qualifications, skills, and certifications of other lower-level engineers. Yet, you require more managerial skills as you will be the interface between the management and the project team of a business.

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