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Machine Learning Engineer Oracle

Oracle provides the data management infrastructure that allows data science professionals to examine data in its native format, either in the database or data lake, at scale and with minimum data migration.

Oracle Machine Learning is a critical component of Oracle's unified database approach, which integrates the capabilities of several distinctive databases into a single database that runs quicker and more reliably. Moreover, it enables machine learning engineers and researchers to extract information, uncover new insights, and create data-driven predictions—all while interacting directly with massive amounts of data in Oracle Database and Big Data ecosystems.

Oracle Machine Learning enables application engineers to create more powerful apps and dashboards by making it simple to install and utilize machine learning models and solutions.

What does Oracle Machine Learning Engineer do?

Oracle Machine Learning engineers create, develop, test, and debug software programs for databases, software, tools, and platforms, among other things. They are often part of the software engineering division and help conceptualize software for activities involving developing, debugging, or designing application software or operating systems.

Oracle machine learning engineers contribute to the technical leadership of other software developers. They define, develop, and execute minor modifications to existing software architectures in response to changing requirements. Oracle machine learning engineers' responsibilities and tasks are diverse and complicated, requiring autonomous judgment. They are supposed to be completely proficient in their field of specialization. They may assume a leadership position and manage lower-level employees.

Oracle Machine Learning Engineer Requirements

Oracle Machine Learning engineers implement machine learning-based solutions and algorithms for categorizing various Oracle software faults when executed in a cluster environment.

Oracle ML engineers often have a BS or MS degree or comparable experience in the functional area. Oracle machine learning engineers are responsible for developing end-to-end solutions, including front-end user interfaces and back-end code.

They are committed to providing an exceptional user experience in Oracle's apps via the use of a range of cutting-edge methods. They possess a solid engineering foundation and a track record of providing high-quality, resilient, customer-focused products.

Oracle machine learning engineers collaborate with engineering teams globally and product management and user experience teams. As a result, their written and spoken communication skills, as well as their interpersonal abilities, are critical for this job.

Oracle ML engineers also have the following responsibilities:

  • Develop machine learning algorithms independently
  • Increase the quality of current algorithms to an appropriate level
  • Expand existing algorithms to operate with a variety of Oracle products
  • Reduce the time required for current algorithms to execute
  • Create and maintain the infrastructure required to execute and maintain the algorithms.
  • Create and maintain a feedback mechanism for optimizing the algorithm's feature extraction.

Additional Qualities

  • Proficiency in Python scripting
  • Proficiency in managing and operating fundamental database schemas
  • Working knowledge of parallel computing
  • Experience developing code in PL/SQL, C, C++, Java, and Perl
  • Working knowledge of natural language processing (NLP)
  • Proficiency in recurrent neural networks, models of long-short-term memory, and similar technologies.

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